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The Hateful Geeks

Jun 26, 2017

Welcome back! We know you couldn’t get enough of us rambling about our favorite fandoms so we brought back a part 2!! This week Phil and Tim will make you want to question your own existence as they ramble on about terrible video game to movie adaptations and adult cartoons…….no not tentacle porn you freaks!

Jun 19, 2017

This week get to know your favorite hateful friends as we dive in to our person top 5 lists for different fandoms we love! We may be wrong but we’ll never admit it! In part 1 Andy and Sweeney will bore you with Movie Soundtracks and First Person shooters! Enjoy, or not, we don’t care!

Jun 12, 2017

The favorite suffragette supporters of this era get to finally discuss the epic movie that was Wonder Woman. Until we kick out one of our members for not seeing this film yet, TIM!, we’ll talk about some other crap.