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The Hateful Geeks

Oct 30, 2017

Welcome you bloodsucking vampires, and no we don’t mean ex wives. We decided to honor the time of the year with our very first Halloween episode, with special guest, Michael Samons. We will let you decide what is so special about him!!

Oct 24, 2017

We sit down with a Cretin, not being hateful here, he calls himself that! Well ok, it's Keith Cretin from World’s Greatest Comic book store right here in Columbus, Ohio. We pick his vast brain with our petty questions and try to see what we can get out of him. Enjoy!

Oct 12, 2017

Holy crap you’ve stuck around for 10 episodes, and we decided to give the galaxy a big one. The holy grail of Star Wars has delivered upon us the epic trailer that is The Last Jedi……dare to be astonished and possibly spoiled!

Oct 2, 2017

Welcome back you circus cannibals. On our newest episode we discuss all the new DC crap that has us punching a baby, as well as the new “IT” movie, and finally our saving grace, Star Wars!