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The Hateful Geeks

Nov 22, 2017

Welcome back you fear loving perademons! This week we have decided to give our two cents on the brand new DC Universe addition, The Justice League. Im sure you’ve heard all the critics, now come listen to the real heroes talk about this movie!!!



Nov 15, 2017

Remember your childhood? Remember all those great shows and comics that had the best villains ever!!!?!! Yea we take a sh*t on those villains you thought were so great back then. Trust us you were misled, and we will show you the err of your ways

Nov 6, 2017



We review Thor: Ragnarok which is in theaters now!!! So if you don’t want to know everything, and I mean everything - trust me there's a part about Hulk you may not want to know - come back and listen later. For all you Thor lovers, and Hulk fantasizers this is your one stop shop for all things...